The Guy Fawkes Guy and Penny for the Guy

guy-fawkesI use to have bonfire night at my home, and every year my husband would make the Guy. One of the ladies from our chapter was so impressed, she asked him to make one for her to use in the  passenger seat in her car, as she was an older single lady and was nervous driving alone in the evenings. He did, and the funniest part of the story was that one day she stopped and was talking to a neighborhood policeman, and she told me that he could hardly speak with her he was laughing so much.
The Guy Fawkes tradition, that I grew up with was, Groups of  children would make their own guy and put him in a cart and go around collecting money to buy their fireworks, Hence “penny for the guy” and we all have fun blowing off the fireworks at the neighborhood bonfire.
Submitted by DBE Member Mary

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